A large number of Indians invest in fixed deposits because they offer guaranteed interest as well as capital protection. However, other factors inflation and taxes should also be considered.

Our selected products give significantly better returns than savings with hardly any additional risk and are equally flexible. The money can be withdrawn anytime and you earn interest daily.

Significance difference between MF and Fixed Deposit

Factors Fixed Deposit Debt Mutual Funds
Typical Returns 7% 8-10%
Tax (Most Important)* As Per Tax Slab Debt Less Than 5% Arbitrage-0%
Lockin Period Fixed Term/ Premature With Penalty NIL
Compounding Quarterly Daily
Typical Net Return (Post Taxes & Penalties) 5-6% 8-10%
Risk Factor Low Low
Inflation Adjusted Returns Potential for High Inflation-adjusted Returns Usually Low Inflation-adjusted Returns

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*Taxation details are as per existing tax laws. The nature of tax will depend based on the individual’s tax status and nature of investments.
Notwithstanding the above, investing in mutual funds offer advantages:
  • Offers innovative modes of investing and withdrawing – Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), Systematic Transfer Plans (STPs), Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWPs), etc.
  • You can tactically allocate your investible surplus.
  • Your hard-earned money is professionally managed by professionals who hold years of experience in financial research and fund management.