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Every Month
Bank yields ~4% returns
Bank FD
Fixed deposit in banks yield ~7.39%
Sensex has given 9.44% returns
Ocean Finvest
Invest using Ocean Finvest peculiar investment model

* Bank Savings, FD and sensex returns are based on annualized return given in last 10 years.
* Ocean finvest return is based on last 10 years market data.

About us

Why Ocean Finvest

  • Effortless investing

  • Family Portfolio Integration

  • Portfolio Monitoring

  • Rapid Innovation Platform

    • Building great features and rolling them out continuously to provide best investing experience
    • Reliable technique of fund selection involving extensive market study and deep analysis.
  • Top-Notch Service
  • Authentic & Secure channels for Transactions.

The management Of Ocean Finvest have enormous experience of 14-15 years in financial advisory segment.

Financial Planning
We offer selection from broad range of investment product basket to choose from. Get accessible to customized product to fulfill your desire.  
Goal Planning
We will help you to plan your major long-term or short-term financial goals. Goal can start with dreams or wishes, but they have an action plan behind them.
Wealth management
It’s not enough to just create wealth. The more important part is keeping it, saving it and letting your wealth grow by investing it. We can assist you to manage your wealth.


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